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Company Overview

The most effective internet market in Nigeria is Ojahoba. Our goal is to become the backbone of trade and commerce in Africa.

Our retail clientele, that we service is expanding rapidly, and we provide goods in a range of areas including; Men’s fashion, women’s fashion, phones & telecommunications, computer, office & security, consumer electronics, jewelry & watches, bags & shoes, toys, kids & babies, outdoor fun & sports, beauty, health & hair, cars & motorcycles, tools & home improvement, and much more are all available.

Our services include the lowest price promise, 7-day free return policy, order delivery-tracking, devoted customer service support, and many other premium services. These services are all meant to assure maximum levels of convenience and consumer pleasure with the shopping process.

As we proceed to widen the Market place, the variety, ease, and convenience of our offerings will expand; join us and take advantage of the growing advantages.

We place a high value on our customers’ needs and dedicated to identifying creative methods to enhance purchasing experiences with us.
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Culture & Values


To power trade and commerce throughout Africa.

Could exert a significant influence on Africa's economic development


To use technology and commerce to link Africans with one another and the rest of the world.

To build a business that society, its citizens, and its employees can rely on.

Integrity & Honesty

In all of our dealings, we are forthright, trustworthy, and honest.



Our commitment to our goal and brand is strong.

The customer is seated on the throne.

Customer satisfaction is crucial to our success. In Ojahoba, there are no kings. only the client's vassals.

Along with Sacrifice

Together, we put the demands of our consumers ahead of our own interests in order to grow the business.


We appreciate effort. We are aware that the only way for us to improve as people and as a business is by pushing ourselves past our comfort zones.

Continuous Change

We always challenge convention in search of chances to generate original ideas. Individually, we value adaptability and quick change.

Our Executive Team

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Francis Roy Ogedengbe

Founder / Chairman

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Victor Tobi Ogedengbe